We are fascinated by babies and toddlers who engage life so actively with all of their senses in order to learn all about the world all around them. We also  understand how our interactions influence these sensitive little beings and therefore ensure a relaxed and nurturing atmosphere, allowing children to take part at their own pace and express themselves through choices and decision making.


Our baby/toddler unit is designed with this in mind, providing a beautiful play-space together with milk kitchen, sleep area and changing area, to enable a level of care that is highly responsive to the needs of very young children.

To enhance this even further, our sensory sleep area is currently being developed to enable peaceful sleep both indoors and out! The indoor area will use soothing music and light imagery and will lead to the beautiful courtyard where fragrant herbs and chimes promote relaxation and natural sleep with proven health benefits.


We love to see our children immersed in purposeful play, showing curiosity, developing persistence and constructing knowledge. These magical times when children are fully engaged in self-chosen activity are when their learning capacity is at it's most powerful and when our intuitive staff intervene sensitively and skillfully to promote this.

Our Tweenie/Preschool unit was created to inspire high levels of engagement through exploration and discovery. A large range of open-ended materials that are child accessible offer infinite possibilities so that play can be taken in many directions. 


These are very exciting times for young children and outdoor play as it's importance receives the recognition it deserves. Research is showing the huge benefits to brain development and mental health alongside a concerning picture of the negative impact of too much screen time.

We are thrilled to be able to offer children such a positive, healthy start through our fantastic, large garden which offers huge scope for joyful investigation with an allotment, orchard, sand pit, mud kitchen, tree-house, water play area and shop

We are also currently developing our woodland to offer a range of further experiences including the forest school approach.