My grandson attends this nursery and enjoys every minute. Staff are amazing, highly qualified and extremely caring and friendly. I cant fault the care they have given to my gorgeous little grandson.

Christine Cooper Rand


It is an absolute pleasure to work as part of the Haystacks family, alongside passionate, enthusiastic practitioners with such strong care and love for the children and their job! I am delighted that my son gets to experience so many opportunities during his time at nursery!


A great big thank you to the staff for supporting him as he settled and began his adventure at Haystacks! 🌳🍃

Lauren Jackson


Our little boy has been attending for around a month now and it is the exact environment we wanted for him. We didn't know about the Reggio Emilia approach when we visited, but further research found it was exactly the creative approach we wanted to encourage in his education from an early age ( I work in an art college and think all schools should be art schools, so this may not be for everyone but I've seen first hand when creative people aren't encouraged and it makes them very unhappy people!)

We weren't going to put him in nursery until he is 3, but we signed him up straight away for a few mornings per week as can see this place being full when word gets out about it. He's particularly a fan of Sarah and although he's not overly confident about being away from family, he's fine if we say he is going to see Sarah (and Imogen!).

Nicola Craddock


Haystacks is an exceptional nursery that has gone above and beyond to make sure our son has settled and thrived over the past year. I cannot thank the staff enough for all their enthusiasm and I love how you do all the ‘messy stuff’ at nursery so I don’t have too at home! Today you once again exceeded our expectations with a hugely successful first full day for our daughter.


I hope haystacks can help other children develop, explore and have a fabulous time like our two are having! Ps the matching hoodies are super cute 😁

Rebecca Bodnar


We love Haystacks, our daughter Ella has so much fun! Adele, Paul and the whole team really listen to ensure the best for all of the little ones that they care for. Their ethos is fantastic andI can’t wait to see what’s to come with the forest. 

Penny Gordon